Welcome to CC Engineering B.V.

CC Engineering is a versatile machining company for precision engineering, specialized in CNC machining stainless steel, aluminium, plastics and exotic steels, based in Bleiswijk (the Netherlands).

Service and quality are of the utmost importance to us. Through close cooperation with suppliers and collegues, we’re able to process your smaller metalwork or take on all-encompassing projects. We have extensive experience with regard to the food-processing industry, hold hygiene in your company in high esteem and possess a VCA-certification at all times.

There’s no such thing as “we can’t”…

We try our best to find a solution for each situation, satisfying both parties. We differentiate ourselves by knowledge of new technologies and creative ability. Creativity has no limits with this combination. We work solely with certified quality products with a proven track record, to prevent any disappointments. We offer several guarantees and are open to ideas and feedback from customers. We are happy to service you! Please feel free to contact us for a quotation.

Expedited proceedings

We’re specialized in fulfilling rush jobs to service your company at the shortest possible notice, without charging excessive additional fees. Our all-round workplace is herein indispensible, allowing us to perform anything, if not everything, in-house.

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Did you know that..

  • We regularly work for companies with continous production, and are thus available 24/7?
  • We keep a sizable stock of stainless steel, steel, aluminium and plastics to be able to fabricate at short notice?
  • We always provide a measurement report for series production? On request, also possible for single parts.
  • We can hold onto your machined parts and postpone delivery until you need them.
  • We can hold onto your machined parts until you need them.
  • CNC turning/milling on 6 axis on 1 machine, equipped with counter-spindle.
  • CNC milling on 4 axis, featuring a range of 1000 x 500 mm.
  • CNC turning on 3 axis using powered tools.
  • We often work for the food-processing industry, offshore, mechanical engineering companies and the chemical industry.
  • We are highly skilled in welding stainless steel and aluminium.
  • We can stain, sand and clean parts ultrasonically, in-house.